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  AIDS to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System
9780702025129 By Brain (A neurological journal)  Aids to the Examination of the Peripheral Nervous System, 4th Edition  Paperback · 68 pages 91 ills Aug.00 £16,99
This new edition of the highly successful short guide to the examination of the peripheral nervous system has been brought up to dateand includes new illustrations, to ensure it retains its place as the standard short text on the subject.  
9780323008365 By Anthony J Castro Neuroscience
An Outline Approach 
Paperback ·560 pages May.02 £29,99
This book comes from the very complete course notes that the Castro, Medical Neuroscinece Course Director at Loyola Medical School and his author team had compiled over the years for their courses. The text contains all of the important information faculty and students need for a medical neuroscience course, but offers a flexibility in format for instruction so that faculty can also supplement with their own materials.  
9780443100369  By A. R. Crossman Neuroanatomy, 3rd Edition
An Illustrated Colour Text With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback · 200 pages 226 ills Nov.05 £27,99
This is a short highly illustrated textbook of neuroanatomy that throughout makes clear the relevance of the anatomy to clinical neurology. It avoids overburdening the reader with topographical detail that is unnecessary for the medical student. Minimum assumptions are made of existing knowledge of the subject.  
9780323036672 By Marjorie A. England Color Atlas of the Brain and Spinal Cord, 2nd Edition  Paperback · 360 pages 550 ills Dec.05 £27,99
Master the structure and function of the normal human brain and spinal cord with this state-of-the-art, beautifully illustrated atlas! This thoroughly updated new edition features more than 450 full-color photographs that demonstrate the gross, histologic, and imaging appearance of central nervous system anatomy. Readers will clearly understand how each structure functions as well as how it relates to other parts of the brain and spinal cord.  
9780808923763 By M. J. T. FitzGerald Clinical Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience, International Edition, 5th Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 368 pages 527 ills Oct.06 £17,99
Written to aid you through basic and clinical neuroscience training, this superbly illustrated textbook of clinical neuroanatomy and neuroscience has won well-earned praise for its clear text and outstanding explanatory artwork. Taking these complex subjects and breaking them down into exceptionally clear visual images and concise discussions, this textbook integrates clinical neuroanatomy with the basic principles and clinical application of neuroscience. The chapters are organized by anatomical area, with integrated analyses of sensory, motor and cognitive systems.  
9780443069468 By Geraint Fuller Neurological Examination Made Easy, International Edition, 4th Edition  Paperback · 256 pages 89 ills Jun.08 £10,99
A concise and highly illustrated guide to the clinical examination of the nervous system for medical students, rsidents and junior doctors.  
9780443100710 By Geraint Fuller Neurology, 2nd Edition
An Illustrated Colour Text 
Paperback · 148 pages 209 ills Nov.05 £26,99
An textbook of neurology in the Illustrated Colour Text series, making use of all the usual features of the series - double page spreads, short paragraphs, summary boxes, attractive use of colour etc.  
9780750675062 By Douglas J. Gelb Introduction to Clinical Neurology, 3rd Edition Paperback · 408 pages 39 ills Jun.05 £34,99
A practical guide to an often intimidating subject! Readers will appreciate the clear, sensible discussions of common neurologic conditions in this nicely updated New Edition. It details the initial examination, interpretation of results, diagnosis, treatment options, and more. Dr. Gelb’s systematic approach to patient management, and his reader-friendly style, makes complex information easy to understand and apply.  
9781416036180 Christopher G. Goetz Textbook of Clinical Neurology, 3rd Edition  Paperback · 1392 pages 400 ills Sep.07 £74,99
Text follows the way neurologists approach patients in the clinical setting Don’t hunt for information – diagnoses and treatment information is presented in a logical, clinically relevant format. Internationally recognized group of authors Content is not biased – provides a complete spectrum of neurological care. Editor is recognized leader in Neurology Chapters are well edited and provide a consistent voice. Links neurological anatomy, diagnostic studies, and therapeutic procedures Don’t search through pages of text – information you need is found quickly and easily.   
9780443067518  Duane E. Haines Fundamental Neuroscience for Basic and Clinical Applications, 3rd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 608 pages 698 ills Dec.05 £44,99
  Richly illustrated, clinically oriented, well-balanced coverage of both neurophysiology and neuroanatomy provides all the knowledge you need for Board exam preparation and practice! This 3rd Edition offers meticulous updates from cover to cover ... a new, more user-friendly page layout ... 300 USMLE-style review questions, with answers and rationales ... and access to the entire text online, plus many other features, at  
9780723434290 Mark Hughes Crash Course: Nervous System, 3rd Edition  Paperback · 352 pages 177 ills Jul.07 £21,99
Part of the best-selling Crash Course series, this book focuses on the essential information students really need to know about the nervous system. Comprehensive yet concise, it is more than just an exam crammer. Each discipline/component is considered in an integrated format, putting the basic sciences in clinical context. Highly illustrated with clear accessible text, it uses features such as ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘Clinical Sketches’ to make the content easy to absorb and remember. An extensive self-assessment section allows the reader to test their knowledge and identify areas needing further study.  
  Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated
9780443070570 Kenneth W Lindsay Neurology and Neurosurgery Illustrated, International Edition, 4th Edition  Paperback · 608 pages Feb.04 £15,99
...easy to read and quickly gives a good understanding. ...structured in an organised and suitable way. It is easy to navigate and is very well suited as a reference book.
Medical Student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim
9781416029625 Joyce D. Liporace Crash Course (US): Neurology
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 256 pages 88 ills Nov.05 £22,99
ANNOUNCING THE NEW VERSION OF THE ACCLAIMED CRASH COURSE SERIES, REWORKED FOR STUDENTS SITTING THE USMLE EXAMS! The smart way to study! Elsevier titles with STUDENT CONSULT will help you master difficult concepts and study more efficiently in print and online! Perform rapid searches. Integrate bonus content from other disciplines. Download text to your handheld device. And a lot more. Each STUDENT CONSULT title comes with full text online, a unique image library, case studies, USMLE style questions, and online note-taking to enhance your learning experience.  
9781416023753 Randolph S. Marshall On Call Neurology, 3rd Edition
On Call Series 
Paperback · 528 pages 68 ills Jul.07 £20,99
Be on call with confidence! Successfully managing on-call situations requires a masterful combination of speed, skill, and knowledge. The pocket-sized titles in the On Call series provide you with immediate access to the vital, step-by-step information you need to rise to the occasion! When you’re on the middle of the night...they're your answer books for what to do and how to do it quickly—from diagnosing a difficult or life-threatening situation to prescribing the right medication.  
9780443071799  Adina Michael-Titus Nervous System
Systems of the Body Series
Paperback · 384 pages 185 ills Sep.06 £28,99
An integrated textbook on the nervous system, covering both the basic science of the system and its major diseases.  
9781929007899 Karl E. Misulis Netter's Concise Neurology 
Paperback · 586 pages Mar.07 £24,99
This new atlas unravels the complexity of more than 200 major neurologic disorders seen in study and practice. Using exquisite Netter artwork as well as brand-new illustrations, it represents a single, highly visual source for key information on diagnosis and management of disorders of the brain, spine, nerves, and muscle. A masterful combination of illustrations, text, and tables clarifies anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology and offers state-of-the-art guidance on anatomic localization, differential diagnosis, and management. Succinct tables make it easy to review each disorder's pathophysiology, clinical findings, laboratory studies, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, management, and clinical course.  
9780323041317 John Nolte The Human Brain, 6th Edition
An Introduction to its Functional Anatomy With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 736 pages 677 ills Sep.08 £39,99
Already known as the reference of choice for expert coverage on the structure and function of the human brain and the nervous system, Nolte’s The Human Brain continues to impress with essential updates throughout this new edition. It includes a new chapter on formation, modification, and repair of connections, with coverage of learning and memory, as well as the coming revolution of ways to fix damaged nervous systems, trophic factors, stem cells, and more. 550 full-color illustrations—more than 650 in all—support the text and depict every nuance of brain function.  
9780323034098 John Nolte Elsevier's Integrated Neuroscience
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 256 pages 359 ills Jun.07 £22,99
Each title in the new Integrated series focuses on the core knowledge in a specific basic science discipline, while linking that information to related concepts from other disciplines. Case-based questions at the end of each chapter enable you to gauge your mastery of the material, and a color-coded format allows you to quickly find the specific guidance you need. Bonus STUDENT CONSULT access – included with the text – allows you to conveniently access the book’s content online • clip content to your handheld device • link to content in other STUDENT CONSULT titles • and more!  
   Eeg Pearls (English)
9780323042338 Mark Quigg EEG Pearls  Paperback · 304 pages 120 ills Sep.06 £24,99
This book uses the unique vignette format of the best-selling Pearls Series® to explore the basic principles of electroencephalography (EEG), as well as acquisition and interpretation of EEG findings. Real-life case studies—with physical findings, EEG readings, and clinical photos—show you how to recognize normal waking and sleep EEG readings as well as findings associated with the full range of epilepsy and seizure syndromes.  
9781560536215 Loren A. Rolak Neurology Secrets, 4th Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 480 pages 59 ills Dec.04 £24,99
Neurology Secrets, 4th edition, presents all the latest tips and "secrets" on disorders of the nervous system in the popular Q&A format of the Secrets Series®. All chapters have been revised or expanded.
This book is a excellent reference to use for review before the re-certifying exam that will be mandatory for all neurologists beginning in 2004.
9780723434696 Christopher Turner Crash Course: Neurology, 3rd Edition  Paperback · 344 pages 154 ills Sep.08 £21,99
Covering all aspects of the syllabus, Crash Course offers you a fast way to recap on all you need to know to get through the exams with ease! Styled in an easy-to-follow, readily accessible format, each book has been prepared by senior medical students or junior doctors - under faculty supervision - to give you the correct level of information exactly as you need it! Each book begins with ‘The Patient Presents With….’ whilst the second part covers the common diseases and disorders you are likely to see in the clinical situation.   
9780723433903 R. Jon L. Walters Specialist Training in Neurology  Paperback · 336 pages 400 ills Feb.07 £39,99
Specialist training in Neurology is written for those doctors starting their career in this specialty (or in general internal medicine). The text presents a succinct account of the subject concentrating on diagnostic techniques, treatment and management. Throughout extensive use is made graphics, lists and tables. The aim is to provide a 'bridge' between introductory undergraduate texts and the very large and expensive major reference works.
Wherever possible evidence-based treatment options are given and referenced. A detailed list of further reading is also provided.
  Rapid Review Neuroscience
9780323022613 James Weyhenmeyer Rapid Review Neuroscience  Paperback · 320 pages 25 ills Nov.06 £21,99
This text offers a comprehensive yet concise review of neuroscience while discussing all of the relevant clinical information. The review chapters in the first section of the text are in a user-friendly outline format with high-yield information located in margin notes and clinical topics discussed within the outline and in clinical boxes. The second section of the book contains two 50-questions exams in USMLE format. A CD-ROM that accompanies the book contains a full-color art program, 500 board-style questions and answers with rationales for correct answers as well as all incorrect choices, and a quizzing function that gives scores at the end of the exams.  
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