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    9780723433101 Ronald T Emond Colour Atlas of Infectious Diseases, 4th Edition Paperback 484 pages 600 ills Aug.03 £36,99
This is a short atlas of infectious disease. Each illustration is accompanied by a full explanatory caption. It is ideal for all students and doctors who will have limited exposure to clinical cases during their training and yet have to recognize infectious diseases in their day to day practice. As a clinical atlas it concentrates on those conditions that show exanthemata. The selection of material, which includes tropical conditions, makes the atlas of value worldwide.  
  Infectious Disease Secrets (9781560535430)
9781560535430 Robert H. Gates Infectious Disease Secrets, 2nd Edition Paperback 400 pages Apr.03 £24,99
The daily headlines continue to reflect and emphasize the necessity for expertise in the field of infection. "E. coli contaminated meat", "West Nile Virus spreads", "White Powder discovered", "Bacteria specific viral lysins may hold key to new class of antibiotics", "Hope for new AIDS vaccine trial" are just a few examples. New chapters are devoted to the rapidly emerging technologies that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of infection, the horrifying but real threat of biowarfare, and the role of the entire medical team, not just the ID doc. in combating infections. Content has been revised and updated to reflect current knowledge and understanding of infectious disease processes.  
9780808923725 Richard Goering Mims' Medical Microbiology, International Edition, 4th Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Hardcover 668 pages 180 ills Oct.07 £16,99
Mims Medical Microbiology offers you thorough and up-to-date coverage of microbiology and basic immunology, through a clinically relevant, systems-based approach. It emphasises the microbiology of the agents causing disease, and the diseases affecting individual organ systems. Through thorough cross referencing, you can easily find what you need, whether seeking information from a systems or a microbe perspective. Nearly 500 illustrations help you to visualise the subject!  
9780443102103 David Greenwood Medical Microbiology, International Edition, 17th Edition
A Guide to Microbial Infections. With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 752 pages 346 ills Jun.07 £19,99
Now in full colour, this new edition of the bestselling Medical Microbiology covers:
Microbial biology, Infection and immunity, Bacterial pathogens and associated diseases, Viral pathogens and associated diseases, Fungal pathogens and parasitic infections, Diagnosis, treatment and control of infection
The major portion gives an organism-based systematic coverage of microbiology.
  Color Atlas Of Medical Microbiology by C. Anthony Hart, Paul Shears, Tony Hart
9780723433552 C. Anthony Hart Color Atlas of Medical Microbiology, 2nd Edition Paperback 336 pages 535 ills Jun.04 £35,99
  This short colour atlas has established itself as the ideal reference for the identification of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites of medical importance. Containing over 400 superb quality photographs and electronmicrographs with concise explanatory text and captions, it provides a clear framework for understanding the pathogens that infect humans. This new edition has been updated to include the latest information on molecular diagnostics and new and zoonotic pathogens. Medical Microbiology will give both science and medical students fast access to key facts relating to the diagnosis of diseases.  
9780443102899 Timothy J. J. Inglis Master Medicine: Microbiology and Infection, 3rd Edition
A clinically-orientated core text with self-assessment
Paperback 328 pages 15 ills Feb.07 £21,99
Master Medicine: Microbiology and Infection is brief and accessible, approached from the point of view of what you will need to know in order to understand the clinical work you will eventually be doing. It includes a wide range of self-assessment material, ideal for testing your understanding, and helping you to prepare for your exams.  
9780443062421 Cameron Lockie Travel Medicine and Migrant Health Paperback 516 pages
Jun.00 £46,99
A practical textbook of travel medicine designed for those advising and treating intending and returned travellers.  
9780323033251 Patrick R. Murray Review of Medical Microbiology Paperback 176 pages 66 ills Aug.05 £23,99
The perfect tool for course review and exam preparation! This brand-new resource is a companion to Dr. Murrays best-selling Medical Microbiology, 5th Edition. It features more than 550 USMLE-style questions, with answers and rationales that examine bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology. Like its parent text, this review guide focuses on how microbes cause disease in humans and emphasizes facts vital to clinical practice. Readers will find the latest knowledge and advances in the field page references to the 5th Edition and full-color illustrations.  
9780323054706 Patrick R. Murray Medical Microbiology, 6th Edition
with STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 960 pages 635 ills Dec.08 £42,99
A succinct, easy-to-use, and engaging way to study microbiology! Clear discussions explain how microbes cause disease in humans, and review the updated vaccines and new antibiotics currently available to treat these diseases. Expert coverage of basic principles, the immune response, laboratory diagnosis, bacteriology, virology, mycology, and parasitology ensures that youll understand all the facts vital to the practice of medicine today.  
9780721606309 Swapan K. Nath Problem-Based Microbiology Paperback 495 pages 330 ills Dec.05 £25,99
  This concise, problem-based textbook covers 91 of the most common infectious diseases, using case studies to promote interactive learning and to build a foundation of knowledge for clinical practice. It presents an overview of how infectious diseases affect a particular organ system. Then, it provides clinical case scenarios, differential diagnosis tables, and succinct explanations of the infectious process, with treatment options and outcomes. Crisp, full-color images and USMLE-style practice questions round out the text.  
9780723433873 Emma Nickerson Crash Course: Infectious Diseases Paperback Approx. 294 pages 300 ills May.07 £21,99
Crash Course: Infectious Diseases offers you a fast way to recap on what you need to know to get through your exams with ease. Easy to follow and accessible, it gives you the right level of information, perfectly tailored to current curricula requirements  
  Microbiology and Immunology
9780323044264 Ken S. Rosenthal Rapid Review Microbiology and Immunology, 2nd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 368 pages 71 ills Apr.07 £20,99
An unbeatable package of 350 high quality USMLE-style questions, an enhanced, 2-color layout highlights Hi-Yield Margin Notes and Key Points. Includes FREE access to the online content via STUDENT CONSULT as well as a specialized testing platform that is almost like taking the real exam, plus provides additional study features, such as randomized questions, scoring, timed testing, individual feedback, and more.  
9780443103032 W. John Spicer Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, 2nd Edition
An Illustrated Colour Text
Paperback 264 pages 479 ills Dec.07 £29,99
Subject matter is presented in two page topics for you to understand easily and remember
Covers both the more scientific aspects of the subject and also clinical infection
New to this Edition
All 1st edition topics completely revised and updated - increased coverage of infections of current or recent interest (eg SARS, bird flu etc.)
Now with virology! Approximately nine new double-page spreads on specifically viral topics and the existing disease-based double-page spreads now include more information on viral causes
9780443102844 Katherine N. Ward Notes on Medical Microbiology, 2nd Edition
Including Virology, Mycology and Parasitology
Paperback 608 pages 126 ills Nov.08 £32,99
This completely rewritten, revised, and updated new edition provides an indispensable introduction to medical microbiology for students, trainee doctors and laboratory workers. Its contents cover advances in molecular microbiology especially for diagnostic techniques and include such topical subjects as MRSA, C. difficile, avian influenza and vCJD. The text is illustrated throughout with 130 illustrations most in full colour.  
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