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  Imported Skin Diseases
9789035228047 By Faber, and Naafs Imported Skin Diseases Paperback 304 pages Sep.07 £41,00
Infectious diseases travel the same way. Imported Skin Diseases was written and illustrated for the health professional in order to help in the diagnosis of diseases acquired in another, often tropical, environment and subsequent patient management. Patients with exotic (non-endemic) skin diseases have become more frequent in recent years. The authors are internationally recognised experts in their field. This book covers a wide spectrum of imported skin diseases, the majority infectious in nature. These diseases are found not only among Western travellers, but also among immigrant minority groups who may regularly visit their relatives in their countries of origin.  
9780723433996 By Finlay, and Chowdhury Specialist Training in Dermatology Paperback 288 pages, 131 ills Feb.07 £39,99
Specialist training in Dermatology is written for those doctors starting their career in this specialty (or in general internal medicine) and for general practitioners or specialist nurses with a special interest in dermatology. The text presents a succinct account of the subject concentrating on diagnostic techniques, treatment and management. Throughout extensive use is made graphics, lists and tables. The aim is to provide a 'bridge' between introductory undergraduate texts and the very large and expensive major reference works. Wherever possible evidence-based treatment options are given and referenced. A detailed list of further reading is also provided.  
   Dermatology Secrets in Color (English)
9781560536161 By Fitzpatrick, and Morelli Dermatology Secrets in Color, 3rd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 512 pages 494 ills May.07 £30,99
A concise, yet complete clinical reference on dermatology in the highly practical question-and-answer format of The Secrets Series. This edition features over 400 color illustrations. Each chapter covers an important dermatology topic by asking key questions and providing helpful answers relating to that topic. This completely new edition covers all aspects of dermatology, from evaluation and diagnosis of dermatologic conditions through standard and emergent treatment options..  
    9780443104213 By David Gawkrodger Dermatology, 4th Edition
An Illustrated Colour Text
Paperback 144 pages 311 ills Nov.07 £28,99
This concise textbook of dermatology is aimed at medical students, those preparing for the MRCP and MRCGP examinations and specialist nurses. The information is presented in a highly accessible format, using double page spreads for each topic. Extensive use of colour for both clinical photographs and graphics makes for a superb appearance. For review for examination preparation key point boxes are provided. In this fourth edition extensive revision has been made to the contents to reflect changes in the understanding of dermatological conditions at a molecular level and the changes in clinical practice. In addition the use of the internet for dermatological information by both doctors and patients is reviewed.  
9780723433644 By Graham-Brown, and Bourke Mosby's Color Atlas and Text of Dermatology, 2nd Edition Paperback 400 pages, 582 ills Dec.06 £36,99
This book combines superb colour photographs and explanatory colour diagrams with concisely written and clinically focussed text to provide the reader with an outstanding illustrated resource in dermatology. Each chapter is consistently organised and lavishly illustrated to give a thorough overview of the subject area and a visual reference that will enable the reader to recognise the full range of presenting signs likely to be seen in everyday practice.  
   Diagnosis in Color (English)
9780723422402 By Savin, Hunter, and Hepburn Diagnosis In Color: Skin Signs in Clinical Medicine Hardcover 256 pages Aug.96 £37,99
A concise, well-written text that teaches the reader how to diagnose "invisible" systemic disorders from the highly visible signs that show up on the patient's skin. The book splits skin diseases into two basic categories, primary skin disorders, such as eczema and psoriasis, and skin manifestations of disorders of other systems, such as the characteristic skin of chronic renal failure.  
  Color Atlas of Dermatology
9780723432982 By Wilkinson, Shaw, and Orton Color Atlas of Dermatology, 3rd Edition Paperback 208 pages, 634 ills Nov.04 £32,99
The new edition of this popular colour atlas of dermatology presents a superb collection of over 600 illustrations of both common and rarer skin disorders, each illustration is accompanied by a full explanatory caption. The book starts with a glossary of dermatological morphological descriptions, and includes a comprehensive index.  
  Dermatology in Focus
9780443073762 By Wilkinson, Shaw, and Orton Dermatology In Focus
Paperback 398 pages 128 ills
Mar.07 £16,99
A concise guide to the recognition and care of critically ill patients aimed at trainee doctors in all medical specialties. Does not focus on how disease is treated in the ITU, but on the important practicalities for the trainee on the medical ward, such as how to fluid resuscitate, when to insert cvp lines, when to call ITU etc.  
  Dermatology in Focus, 10-Pack
9780443102417 By Bonner, and Dodds Dermatology In Focus, 10-Pack Paperback 292 pages May.02 £145,00
A book of clinical data interpretation for anaesthetists, aimed particularly at trainees taking exams. Emphasizes the type of data that anaesthetists encounter in general anaesthesia, the respiratory system, cardiology, orthopaedics and trauma, intensive care, paediatrics, pain, obstetrics, and neurosurgery  
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