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  CARDIOLOGY SECRETS (ISBN: 9781560534204 / 1560534206)   Author:  Adair Olivia Vynn   :  343 pages  Publisher:  HANLEY & BELFUS INC (2001/01)  ISBN-10:  1560534206  ISBN-
9781560534204 By Adair Cardiology Secrets, 2nd Edition  Paperback · 343 pages Jun.01 £24,99
This second edition of one of the most in-demand volumes of the Secrets Series has been thoroughly updated and revised. The latest research has been incorporated into the comprehensive but easy-to-read coverage of the diagnosis and treatment of heart conditions. Major sections include General Examination, Diagnostic Procedures, Arrhythmias, Symptoms and Disease States, Valvular Heart Disease,Cardiovascular Pharmacology, and Other Medical Conditions with Associated Cardiac Involvement  
9780323035644 By Baliga Crash Course (US): Cardiology
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 240 pages, 82 ills     Aug.05 £22,99
Clear text covers the essential concepts of each discipline or specialty; learning features expedite mastery of the material; and review questions let readers assess their knowledge. With basic science books written by current medical students under faculty supervision, and clinical titles that pair senior specialists with doctors who have only recently begun training in the relevant field, Crash Course titles are designed to ideally meet the needs of today's medical students. The smart way to study! Elsevier titles with STUDENT CONSULT will help you master difficult concepts and study more efficiently in print and online! Perform rapid searches. Integrate bonus content from other disciplines.  
9780702028977 By Beghetti Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Related to Congenital Heart Disease   Paperback  Oct.06 £36,99
First book dedicated to this disease, previously thought to be incurable, but with the advent of new drugs, now amenable to management and a much improved prognosis for patients
Incorporates the latest AACP management guidelines
Includes evidence–based treatment algorithms based on the recently updated ACCP Guidelines for Medical Treatment
Aimed at specialists in pulmonology and cardiovascular disease, this volume provides the clinician with the most up to date information on the effective management of PAH 
9780443101823  By Bowbrick, and Borg ECG Complete, International Edition Paperback · 176 pages,  140 ills Jul.06 £7,99
ECG Complete offers an uncomplicated but comprehensive account of all aspects of the ECG suitable for both the absolute beginner, as well as the more experienced reader requiring a definitive reference source. Using an informal style the book places the subject in context and includes a comprehensive guide to the practical aspects of ECG recording. ECG interpretation is dealt with in a straightforward way designed for easy reference, and covers all of the cardiac rhythms and abnormalities likely to be encountered in practice.  
9780443069079 By Elspeth M. Brown Heart Sounds Made Easy with CD-ROM, 2nd Edition  Paperback · 160 pages 44 ills Jul.08 £21,99
Cardiac auscultation is one of the most difficult clinical skills to acquire and competence in this area is extremely variable. This short and accessible book comes with an interactive CD of heart sounds recorded from actual patients using the latest digital audio technology. It allows the user to listen to a recording and either eliminate or enhance the different components until they are confident that they have correctly identified the sounds in all phases of the cardiac cycle. This is particularly important for the recognition of diastolic sounds which are the most difficult to appreciate. There is no better way to confirm the presence of such a murmur than to have the facility to reduce or increase its intensity.  
  Interventional Cardiology Secrets by Alex Cesar Ferreira, Alexandre C. Ferreira, Eduardo De Marchena
9781560535850 By de Marchena, and Ferreira Interventional Cardiology Secrets  Paperback · 400 pages Jun.03 £27,99
The increasingly important area of interventional cardiology is covered in the proven question-and-answer format of the acclaimed Secrets Series®.  
9780444514561 By Dominiczak, and Connell Genetics of Hypertension Volume 24
Handbook of Hypertension Series 
Hardcover · 283 pages 31 ills Jan.07 £99,00
Classic and modern tools of genetics have been applied to hypertension research for some 20 years. This volume in the Handbook of Hypertension series aims to go beyond a simple summary of discoveries and provides a critical commentary on many controversial issues. It will be particularly useful for clinician scientists at all stages of their careers, graduate students and post-doctoral scientists as well as all those interested in cardiovascular medicine and research throughout the entire spectrum from bench to bedside. As in every relatively young area of research, the initial excitement over the early positive observations has not always been confirmed by subsequent larger studies with greater statistical power.  
9780443100529 By Grubb, and Newby Churchill's Pocketbook of Cardiology, International Edition, 2nd Edition  Paperback · 568 pages,  189 ills May.06 £10,99
A concise guide to the recognition and care of critically ill patients aimed at trainee doctors in all medical specialties. Does not focus on how disease is treated in the ITU, but on the important practicalities for the trainee on the medical ward, such as how to fluid resuscitate, when to insert cvp lines, when to call ITU etc.  
9780443068225 By John R. Hampton 150 ECG Problems, International Edition,  3rd Edition  Paperback · 328 pages,  185 ills Jun.08 £7,99
A book of 150 12-lead ECGs and rhythm strips, each with a clinical case history and question. The full ECG is reproduced and a study of it with the case history should be enough to give an answer. On the back the case is examined, with a description of the main features of the ECG along with a clinical interpretation and a “what to do” section. The cases are graded in difficulty.  
9780443068249 By John R. Hampton The ECG In Practice, International Edition,, 5th Edition  Paperback · 360 pages,  517 ills Jun.08 £8,99
The ECG in Practice is a clinically-orientated book showing how the electrocardiogram is used to aid the diagnosis of patients with cardiovascular disease. Each chapter begins with a brief consideration of the history and examination of the patient to assist the doctor plan how to use the ECG in the most intelligent and profitable way. The text explains the variations in the patterns of ECGs which are seen in both healthy people as well as those with cardiac problems, and illustrates the abnormalities with a comprehensive range of examples.  
9780443068263 By John R. Hampton The ECG Made Easy, International Edition, 7th Edition  Paperback · 192 pages,  125 ills Jun.08 £6,99
This highly respected and famous book is a simple, readable guide to the accurate identification and interpretation of abnormal electrocardiogram (ECG) patterns, written for medical students, nurses and junior doctors. The emphasis throughout is on the straightforward practical application of the ECG. Generations of medical and health care staff have benefited from its clear-cut approach to this important investigation.  
9781560534716 By Hricik, Smith, and Wright Hypertension Secrets  Paperback · 153 pages Oct.01 £30,99
All the very latest clinical information on hypertension is covered in this practical addition to the popular Secrets Series. Coverage includes Patient Assessment, Essential Hypertension, Secondary Hypertension, and Special Cases of Hypertension and focuses extensively on all current drugs and therapies.   
9780443071522 By Jenkins and Gerred ECGs by Example, 2nd Edition  Paperback · 232 pages,  676 ills Feb.05 £26,99
This is a book of 100 full 12-lead ECGs displayed on the upper part of a double-page spread with, below, notes and illustrations about the particular features of the ECG that are of importance, and a clinical comment on the case along with a list of the common causes of the problem. Thus the book provides in itself a collection of full 12-lead ECGs of a wide range of common clinical problems encountered in casualty, ordered in the way that a fledgling ECG mind might place them. All the ECGs are reproduced as real traces and are of normal size. Examples of variation in the clinical conditions are also included. The book carries on from simpler ECG books and provides a greater depth of experience in ECG training.  
  Hypertension Pearls ISBN 9781560535836
9781560535836 By Jones, Wofford and King Hypertension Pearls  Paperback · 240 pages,  35 ills Feb.04 £37,99
Through interesting case presentations, this volume in the Pearls Series® seeks to enlighten the reader in the management of patients with hypertension. Areas covered include management of essential hypertension, secondary hypertension, patients with multiple risk factors, and complicated management issues. A brief clinical vignette is provided for each case, along with physical findings and lab data, and the reader is encouraged to formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan. The next page reveals the diagnosis, discusses the disorder and the management of the specific patient, and concludes with 3-4 clinical pearls distilled from the case.  
9780702026959 By Julian, Campbell-Cowan, and McLenachan Cardiology, 8th Edition  Paperback · 400 pages,  263 ills Dec.04 £23,99
First Prize (Cardiology category), BMA Awards 2005 The latest edition of this popular book has been fully revised and updated to cover all the latest aspects of clinical cardiology. Compact, but not condensed, Cardiology provides the most essential guide to clinical cardiology for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In its original conception, this book was intended as an introductory text for medical students. It has subsequently achieved a much wider readership, including nurses, junior hospital doctors preparing for membership and general practitioners.  
9780443102967 By Richard Katz Churchill's In Clinical Practice Series: Acute Coronary Syndromes  Paperback · 168 pages 74 ills Mar.06 £16,99
The aim of this book is to provide a readily accessible, up-to-date reference for the ever-growing numbers of health professionals who encounter patients with acute coronary syndromes. While the focus is on primary care, the authors include discussions of some relevant aspects of hospital treatment and have highlighted areas of controversy, aiming to provide a balanced view of current knowledge. From their experience as practising clinicians, they have tried to provide practical guidance about translating a burgeoning evidence base into daily management. Throughout the book, effort has also been made to provide a perspective that is relevant to an international readership.   
9780443103643 By Sam Kaddoura Echo Made Easy International Edition, 2nd Edition Paperback · 240 pages 178 ills Jan.09 £8,99
This best-selling and highly-praised book provides a practical and clinically useful introduction to echo – much of which is easy – for those who will be using, requesting and possibly interpreting it in the future. The book is aimed particularly at doctors in training and medical students. It has been proved of great use to other groups, including qualified physicians, general practitioners, cardiac technicians, nurses and paramedics. In the book the author explains the echo techniques available, what an echo can and cannot give, and – importantly – puts echo into a clinical perspective.   
9781416025375 By Khan On Call Cardiology, 3rd Edition
On Call Series  
Paperback · 544 pages,  184 ills Feb.06 £22,99
Be on call with confidence! Successfully managing on-call situations requires a masterful combination of speed, skill, and knowledge. These pocket-sized resources provide you with immediate access to the vital, step-by-step information you need to rise to the occasion! On Call Cardiology, 3rd Edition is your practical resource on the management of cardiac problems encountered in an on call setting. Designed for quick reference, this book covers bedside diagnosis, ECG interpretations and treatment. Also included are pharmacologic actions, indications, adverse effects and interactions of commonly used cardiac drugs.  
9780443069277 By Christophe Klimczak 100 Challenges in Echocardiography  Paperback · 256 pages 292 ills Jan.08 £19,99
This book offers both experienced cardiologists and trainees alike the opportunity to identify and address the most common pitfalls encountered with echocardiology in routine clinical practice. The book covers a series of challenges ranging from technical difficulties to problems with echocardiographic interpretation with each section presenting a series of simulations to test the reader's understanding of the problem. The text is written in a highly practical and didactic manner which will help the busy physician by presenting the information in a succinct, 'essentials only' manner.   
9780443074622 By Mackenzie, Wilkinson, and Cockcroft Churchill's Pocketbook of Hypertension  Paperback · 256 pages,  91 ills Oct.05 £23,99
This pocketbook is a guide for hospital doctors, general practitioners and other health care professionals involved in the care of patients with hypertension. Using a similar format to that of the other titles in the Churchill's Pocketbook series, it clearly and concisely details the important points of the origins, diagnosis, investigation and treatment of hypertension, taking full account of the latest evidence available. It provides information on hypertension in special patient groups including the elderly and in pregnancy, and on the management of hypertensive emergencies. A special chapter at the end is devoted to answering the questions that are most frequently asked by GPs and patients.  
9781560535478 By Marriott Challenging ECGs  Paperback · 494 pages Jun.02 £27,99
The legendary ECG expert presents interesting and challenging ECGs valuable in helping the reader sharpen their interpretive skills. For each condition, an ECG tracing appears on the left side of the page with interpretation, discussion, and comment on the right.   
9780443072413 By Newby, and Grubb Cardiology
An Illustrated Colour Text 
Paperback · 176 pages,  364 ills Feb.05 £24,99
RSM Award Winner, First Medical Textbook for Students category! Cardiology: An Illustrated Colour Text is an innovative new textbook for students and trainees providing a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and practice of Cardiology. The subject is divided up into a series of two-page 'learning units', each covering a particular aspect of Cardiology and featuring full colour line diagrams, clinical photographs and radiological images. The text provides a detailed overview of the subject including: basic anatomy and physiology; investigations in cardiology, common and important diseases of the heart and vasculature, and a special section on routine cardiological consultations, such as chest pain and breathlessness.  
9780443073083 By Noble, Johnson, Thomas and Bass The Cardiovascular System
Systems of the Body Series 
Paperback · 224 pages,  250 ills Apr.05 £23,99
A textbook on the cardiovascular system for medical students, offering an integrated coverage of the basic science and major diseases of the system.  
9780723433217 By Purcell and Kalra Specialist Training in Cardiology  Paperback · 388 pages,  186 ills Sep.05 £41,99
Specialist Training in Cardiology is written for those doctors starting their career in this specialty (or in general internal medicine). The text presents a succinct account of the subject concentrating on diagnostic techniques, treatment and management. Throughout extensive use is made of radiographs, drawings, lists and tables. The aim is to provide a 'bridge' between introductory undergraduate texts and the very large and expensive major reference works. Wherever possible evidence-based treatment options are given and referenced. A detailed list of further reading is also provided. 
9781929007707 By Marshall S. Runge Netter's Cardiology, International Edition, Hardcover Jun.04 £23,99
With coverage on virtually every topic in cardiovascular medicine, the authors have distilled massive amounts of information down to the most needed facts, using Netter artwork to illustrate the most salient points and bring the information to life. Readers get quick access to essential information for diagnosis and treatment of most cardiovascular problems. Concise chapters provide depth and insight into complex medical problems for accurate diagnosis and selection of therapy using the latest technology and therapeutic approaches.  
9780323043458 By Roy Russ Crash Course (US): Cardiovascular System
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access 
Paperback · 192 pages,  145 ills Jun.06 £22,99
Don’t panic! "Crash Course" is here—that perfect set of lecture notes which no student ever really has the time to compile. These books deliver all of the information needed to get through a course or prepare for exams. Clear text covers the essential concepts of each discipline or specialty; learning features expedite mastery of the material; and review questions let readers assess their knowledge. With basic science books written by current medical students under faculty supervision, and clinical titles that pair senior specialists with doctors who have only recently begun training in the relevant field, Crash Course titles are designed to ideally meet the needs of today's medical students.   
9780443103230 By Alisdair Ryding Essential Echocardiography
Paperback · 264 pages,  214 ills Nov.07 £39,99
This book provides a step by step manual for the complete echo-novice, focusing on the practicalities of performing an examination, and the interpretation of images. The book balances theory with practical step-by-step guidance, clear explanations and helpful illustrations. It starts with the basic concepts of how ultrasound works and moves on to how to perform an echo. Most of the chapters concentrate on assessing specific aspects of cardiac function and systematically cover normal function as well as the whole range of pathologies encountered in day-to-day clinical practice.  
9780723434306 By Paul Sutton Crash Course: Cardiovascular System, 3rd Edition  Paperback · 252 pages,  162 ills Jul.07 £21,99
Part of the best-selling Crash Course series, this book focuses on the essential information students really need to know about the cardiovascular system. Comprehensive yet concise, it is more than just an exam crammer. Each component is considered in an integrated format, putting the basic sciences in clinical context. Highly illustrated with clear accessible text, it uses features such as ‘Hints and Tips’ and ‘Clinical Sketches’ to make the content easy to absorb and remember. An extensive self-assessment section allows the reader to test their knowledge and identify areas needing further study.   
9780443074233 By Thomas, and Grace Cardiology In Focus  Paperback · 168 pages,  245 ills Nov.04 £16,99
A new book in the In Focus series covering a major clinical specialty. The text covers the whole spectrum of cardiac disease in the concise text and illustration format of this series. The text is illustrated by a range of photographs including all major investigational procedures used in the specialty, as well as high quality clinical photographs and pathology specimens. The book ends with a range of picture-based self-assessment questions with full accompanying descriptive answers.  
9780443103018 By Varghese, and Pennell Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Made Easy  Paperback · 176 pages,  275 ills Nov.07 £19,99
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance (CMR) describes the use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the anatomical and functional evaluation of the heart and vascular tree. CMR is a contemporary and complementary technology to add to the traditional arsenal of non-invasive imaging modalities available to the cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon, and is rapidly gaining popularity in this dynamic field. This book provides an easily digestible and portable synopsis of the technique which will suit the needs of cardiologists and cardiothoracic surgeons wishing to acquaint themselves with what CMR can do, and what it cannot.   
  Cardiac Imaging Secrets
9781560535157 By Weissman, and Adelmann Cardiac Imaging Secrets  Paperback · 416 pages Sep.03 £24,99
An exciting new addition to the highly popular Secrets Series, this volume addresses the issues of when and how to obtain images of the heart, what modality to use, and how to interpret the results. The five main sections are echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, catheterization (including intravascular ultrasound and peripheral vascular imaging), MRI, and CT/Radiology).