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9780723433415 By Baynes, and Dominiczak Medical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 712 pages, 1058 ills Oct.04 £41,99
Medical Biochemistry combines basic science and practical medicine in a concise format that is ideal for the future doctor. In the second edition, clinical medicine is even more integrated in the text as well as in the case study boxes, and a new 'clinical tests' feature will be a quick reference to the most common laboratory tests. The new edition retains the dynamic full colour design of the first edition incorporating case histories, advanced concept boxes and clear colour pictures which explain the more complex biochemical concepts. There are three new chapters on Ageing, Nutrition and Oxygen and Life, bringing the book up to date in these important areas of development.  
9780323053716 By Baynes, and Dominiczak Medical Biochemistry, 3rd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback Approx. 712 pages 505 ills Mar.09 £41,99
It includes all the essential biochemistry needed and indicates further reading at the end of each chapter. Importantly, it frequently uses clinical examples and there is an excellent use of clear and colourful diagrams. There are also a variety of revision questions at the back which are useful for exam practice.
UK Medical Student Graphics are amazing and sooooOOOOO helpful! I have never liked chemistry but thanks to this book I managed to get an A on my Biochemistry 2 exam. - Medical Student, University of Zagreb
9780723433682 By Dominiczak The Flesh and Bones of Metabolism Paperback 164 pages, 459 ills Dec.06 £18,99
This title covers all the key concepts medical students need with no gaps. It can be used either as an introduction to a topic, or as a revision aid. In Section 1, The Big Picture overview gives a descriptive overview of a subject in 8pp. In the High Return Facts section, 50 fundamental principles underlying a subject are set out. These 50 principles are expanded into double-page spreads in the 'Fleshed Out' section where double-page explanations of the key principles clearly convey what medical students need to know. Difficult concepts are depicted by cartoon-strip illustrations, which enable rapid understanding and assimilation of information.  
9780443069321 By Allan Gaw Clinical Biochemistry, 4th Edition
An Illustrated Colour Text
Paperback 192 pages 269 ills Jun.08 £25,99
The new edition of Clinical Biochemistry covers all aspects of the subject needed by medical students. It is a volume in the Illustrated Colour Text series, with the subject matter divided into double-page spreads; this makes the information very accessible to the reader. Full use is made of Flow charts and other graphics; clinical boxes; summary points; case histories; and clinical photographs. The whole orientation of the book is to concentrate on how clinical biochemistry relates to the care of the patient and to ensure that the medical student understands how to interpret laboratory results. By contrast, the reader is not overburdened by descriptions of laboratory techniques.  
9780443071966 By Jeremy Hughes Clinical Chemistry Made Easy, International Edition, Paperback 214 pages 42 ills Feb.08 £6,99
This book will present the important aspects of clinical chemistry in the Made Easy format for the senior clinical medical student or junior doctor on the ward. The book explains the rationale underlying the most common clinical chemistry tests to request and gives guidance as to what action is required on receipt of abnormal results. The text will include brief background to the underlying physiological processes involved, important differential diagnoses and further steps required in the clinical setting. The ultimate aim is to make the reader think carefully as to what clinical chemistry tests are required in different contexts and to ensure that they are equipped to deal responsibly with the result. This will result in improved clinical practice..  
9780443101861 William J. Marshall Clinical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition
Metabolic and Clinical Aspects
Paperback 996 pages 286 ills May.08 £69,99
"An invaluable resource... Information is wide ranging and detailed but also very practical, being applicable to the real questions about real patients that we have to deal with every day. There are lots of tables for easy reference. I heartily recommend this book."
Elizabeth Hall, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry
9780723434559 By William J. Marshall Clinical Chemistry, 6th Edition
Paperback 432 pages 100 ills May.08 £33,99
This book considers what happens to the body's chemistry when affected by disease. Each chapter explains the principle involved and its application to clinical practice. In addition, there is discussion of diagnostic techniques and specific details about patient management. This book stresses how clinical chemistry relates to the practice of medicine by incorporating over 100 real patient case histories. The text is comprehensive yet succinct and is complemented by 100 full colour line illustrations. Self assessment material based on clinical vignettes is provided.  
9780323029421 By Meisenberg, and Simmons Principles of Medical Biochemistry, 2nd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 696 pages, 880 ills Jan.06 £39,99
AThis is to-the-point medical student principles of biochemistry book that all health professional students can use. It is clinical oriented with new information of molecular biology and new content in medical genetics.  
9780723433675 Robert I. Norman The Flesh and Bones of Medical Cell Biology Paperback 132 pages 447 ills May.07 £17,99
The Richard Asher Prize Winner at The Royal Society of Medicine & The Society of Authors Medical Book Awards
An excellent undergraduate student book. Clearly written, well illustration and accurate.
9780443058158 By Norman, and Lodwick Medical Cell Biology Made Memorable Paperback 204 pages, 190 ills Feb.99 £23,99
A text designed for medical students that covers all the necessary information on cell biology needed.  
9780323034104 By Pelley Elsevier's Integrated Biochemistry
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 240 pages, 425 ills Nov.06 £23,99
Each title in the new Integrated series focuses on the core knowledge in a specific basic science discipline, while linking that information to related concepts from other disciplines. Case-based questions at the end of each chapter enable you to gauge your mastery of the material, and a color-coded format allows you to quickly find the specific guidance you need. Bonus STUDENT CONSULT access allows you to conveniently access the books content online clip content to your handheld device link to content in other STUDENT CONSULT titles and more! These concise and user-friendly references provide crucial guidance for the early years of medical training, as well as for exam preparation.  
   Biochemistry:  Pelley
9780323044370 By Pelley, and Goljan Rapid Review Biochemistry, 2nd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 320 pages, 88 ills Apr.07 £20,99
An unbeatable package of 350 high quality USMLE-style questions, an enhanced, 2-color layout highlights Hi-Yield Margin Notes and Key Points. Includes FREE access to the online content via STUDENT CONSULT as well as a specialized testing platform that is almost like taking the real exam, plus provides additional study features, such as randomized questions, scoring, timed testing, individual feedback, and more.  
Pain Management Secrets
9781416022558 By Thomas D. Pollard Cell Biology, 2nd Edition
With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access
Paperback 928 pages 1500 ills Apr.07 £44,99
A masterful introduction to the cell biology that you need to know! This critically acclaimed text offers you a modern and unique approach to the study of cell biology. It emphasises that cellular structure, function, and dysfunction ultimately result from specific macromolecular interactions. You'll progress from an explanation of the "hardware" of molecules and cells to an understanding of how these structures function in the organism in both healthy and diseased states. The outstanding artwork helps you to better visualise molecular structures.  
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